virtual presentationsAs a speaker, lecturer and presenter, Rabbi Barbara provides audiences worldwide with a lively, participatory and unforgettable learning experience. Now, in this new world of VIRTUAL PRESENTATIONS Rabbi Barbara comes to your group via the internet with lectures and workshops that, as one participant said, “makes audiences feel so comfortable and engaged that it seems like Rabbi Barbara is with us in person!”

Down-to-earth examples, clear explanations, humor and a smile characterize every virtual presentation as Rabbi Barbara incorporates photos, artifacts and family memorabilia to bring to life compelling stories, topics and current events.

Designed especially for Jewish audiences and for groups that feature Italian history and culture, Rabbi Barbara will tailor her presentation to your group’s specific needs and work with your facilitator to assure a well-organized and meaningful experience.

Presentations last 45 minutes to one hour, followed by a 20 minute question/answer period.

“We were among the privileged group who were able to enjoy your wonderful Zoom presentation to Belsize Square Synagogue this morning.  What a fascinating subject, and what a brilliant presenter! Your account of the rekindling of Jewish life in Calabria was inspiring and moving.” R.H and D.H. (London)

“There are some presentations that are better than others, yesterday (Pugliesi Foundation of NY Lecture) was one that could be placed on top of the list. Rabbi Aiello, yesterday you added a level of knowledge that will further cement the relationship of Jews and Italians.”

Choose from the following topics:

“I’m Italian but Could I Be Jewish, too?” appropriate for Jewish groups, Italian organizations or mixed groups, Rabbi Barbara shares the amazing story of Jewish families who fled the Spanish inquisition and who settled in Sicily and Southern Italy and who maintained remnants of their rituals and traditions for nearly 500 years.

“The Lost and Isolated Jews of Southern Italy” –Because the majority of Italian-Americans and Italian-Canadians have ancestral ties to Sicily and Calabria, the remarkable story of the Jewish presence in southern Italy is one of history’s best kept secrets.

“The Untold Story of the Ferramonti Concentration Camp – How Italian Soldiers and Local Villagers Saved Jews from Nazi Deportation,” and how Italian Americans can enhance their sense of social and cultural pride as they learn the heroic story of how their countrymen and women saved thousands of Jews from The Final Solution.

“Everything Old is New Again”– Anti-semitism on the Rise in Europe.” What’s happening in Italy and other European countries regarding vandalism, hate crimes and personal verbal and physical attacks and what can be done about it.

The Joys and Challenges of Italian-Jewish Interfaith Families” – Jewish-Italian parents comprise the most common of all interfaith families. Learn more about combining cultures, celebrating holidays and building respect for both faith traditions.

rabbi barbara 2021In addition, Rabbi Barbara was invited by Washington, DC’s National Press Club to share her work in Italy as the country’s first and only woman rabbi, Read more…

COST FOR THE VIRTUAL PRESENTATION is BY DONATION ONLY and includes a tech rehearsal the day prior to the presentation. Email Rabbi Barbara to schedule your virtual presentation.


Your presentations were the best programming we have offered our members and the outside community in….forever! Your presentations were on-target, engaging and fascinating. We particularly enjoyed your talks on “The Hidden Jews of Sicily and Calabria” and “How Italians Saved Jews During World War II.” Your knowledge base is immense, and participants are still buzzing about all they learned from you. Thank you for all your hard work – it was such a wonderful success! Ellen Morton, Executive Director McHenry County (IL) Jewish Congregation

Our thanks to YOU, Rabbi Barbara. You are an inspiration and everyone left in a heightened state of awareness and connectedness. We all loved the afternoon and loved the time you spent with us – virtually “in person.” Nancy Oyer President, Congregation B’nai Israel, Butte, Montana