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  • "Your tour in Lamezia Terme gave a different dimension to all your stories that were already ingrained in my memory: now I internalized them all....The Synagogue you built is a true milestone in Jewish history. You and Enrico have made Alex and I strive to be better people. Thank you so very much for an incredible day you gave us, for appearing in our lives and making us feel as part of your family. It was indeed a precious gift we will always cherish. ~Irene and Alex, Cleveland, Ohio"

    Jewish Tour Of Calabria 2018

  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful Jewish surname research report!   I feel so privileged and blessed that you have been able to conduct this research for me. This gives me a lot of first answers . Thank you!  ~N. D. Paris, France"

    Jewish Surname Research 2018

  • "Rabbi, You truly make a difference for all who have the opportunity to come in contact with you and your wonderful world view and efforts to try to help the world be a better place due to your value added efforts. You are a true pioneer and futurist. Thank you. ~Gene  S. "

    Rabbi Barbara Fan

  • "Just finished your article on aging and loved it. When I was young my Mother’s mother came  to live with us and the arguments between them were similar to those you describe having occurred in your household. Brought back memories and was poignant as well. Thank you!  ~Arnie G."

    Blog Article Lover 2017

  • "We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Heinz History Center today! It was amazing to hear how many people in Italy were/are Jewish and how many of them practice Jewish customs. ~Michael M."

    Heinz History Center- Pittsburgh 2017

  • "The main comment from our people after your film shown and we Skyped you in from Italy to answer questions, was how joyous you were despite your difficulties. You are such an inspiration and a real example of what it means to be a genuine and truly holy Jew.~Rabbi Frank Tamburello-The center for applied judaism NYC"

    Virtual Skype Workshop

  • "Yesterday, I received your book and read it with pleasure. And in the evening I read my husband paragraphs and chapters from it. You are a brave, gifted, and a resilient person. And, no doubt, a very strong individual. I could imagine that you've heard a lot of such accolades, but it's so right to put it black on white myself. ~Helen V"

    Book Fan 2017

  • "We just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful wedding ceremony - you did such a spectacular job and it made our day! We don't know what we would have done without your direction and guidance, and the ceremony itself was absolutely lovely.~Wedding couple, Lake Como, Italy"

    Wedding Summer 2017

  • "Emma's Bat Mitzvah was the most meaningful, magical, and joyous day of our lives - and it was all because of your warm, kind, intelligent, loving, strength and guidance. It not only celebrated our miraculous daughter but the diversity and love of our family. It allowed cousins and friends from across the world to have precious time together and even repaired old, painful wounds between me and my brother. I don't know how you bridged languages, cultures and religions to make everyone involved - from my Catholic husband and children - to my observant brother and sister-in-law - to stop everything in order to feel the love, power and significance of the tradition, the history and the moment in Emma's life. I don't know how you got my shy, reserved almost-teenager to trust you and work so well with you. I don't know how you had the generosity of spirit to share the amazing stories of you life with people you had never before met. I don't know how you seamlessly fit into our extended family as if you had  been at every family reunion. I don't know how you quietly moved people and furniture around to make the most beautiful restaurant into an even more beautiful sanctuary. I don't know how you figured out how to give even our youngest Payton such important parts to play that she is still talking about it. I don't know how you made even my relatives who are not Jewish feel part of the tradition. And yet you did it all with grace and a smile.~June B."

    Bat Mitzvah Mom Summer 2017

  • "I want to thank you for putting together a beautiful ceremony. You took control of the important things without our having to ask, and made it so easy for us to just follow your lead. It certainly made for a stress free time before the ceremony. We all knew exactly what to do, and didn't have to stress about the small things so everything went smoothly. It even allowed us to  be relaxed enough to laugh when Annika's veil suddenly took on a life of it's own and blew up in my face as we were walking down the aisle. The ceremony itself was meaningful and reached out to everyone. Many of the French family commented on how special it was which alleviated our concern that they would view it as completely foreign. The sample program with explanations that you gave us was extremely helpful and easily understood. We were able to produce a program in three languages that helped everyone share in the Jewish traditions that are so important to Annika. I think in the beginning Vincent was a bit afraid the ceremony would be "too Jewish," but he loved how inclusive it actually was. ~Anita M. mother of the bride"

    Mother of the Bride 2017

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