Jewish Tour In Southern Italy

A Jewish Tour In Southern Italy Awaits You This Summer – June 2018

guidetourRabbi Barbara Aiello welcomes guests to Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud and you can be a part of this Jewish Tour In Southern Italy. Organized by Cantorial Soloist, Tara Abrams of Temple Har Zion in Canada, Tara says, “Our trip certainly includes being in Lamezia Terme and visiting with Rabbi Aiello over Shabbat. In addition to having a focus on Jewish history in southern Italy, it also includes visits to three wineries. It was our visit with Rabbi Aiello that inspired me and my husband, David, to create this trip.”

Space is very limited-for details, please see contact information below.







“I thank you for the meticulous organization of the tour and for the most interesting things we have learned . Last, but not least, Rabbi Barbara, I wish to thank you on a more personal note: you are a very special person, very inspiring in so many ways. Your kindness, your love and care for everybody, the way you made strangers feel at ease with one another – all this and so much more must be said. Indeed, we were most lucky to have such nice people in our group – but it was you who inspired us all.”  

~Judith I., Tel Aviv, Israel


“We want to thank YOU for everything.  We so appreciate the wonderful tour you took us on and all of your wonderful stories and history. You are a very special person as well as Rabbi. We also felt so very comfortable with your group.Your home and synagogue are so warm and inviting. The dinner was so fun and lively and we all really enjoyed it.” 

~Lainey H.


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 If you are interested in a tour for your family, group or organization, email Rabbi Barbara here,

for additional opportunities for this little know very important piece of jewish history.