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Jewish Virtual Presentations

A Virtual Visit from Rabbi Barbara

Now your synagogue, Italian cultural group or adult education program can enjoy a Virtual Visit from Italy’s first woman rabbi. In tandem with the documentary, The Secret Jews of Calabria,” Rabbi Barbara Aiello will join your audience, as the virtual rabbi, via the technological miracle of SKYPE, for a 45 minute Question/Answer session.

As a speaker and presenter of Jewish lectures and presentations, Rabbi Barbara provides audiences worldwide with a lively, participatory and unforgettable learning experience. Rabbi Aiello is the foremost authority on the little known Jewish history from this part of the world.

Rabbi Barbara emphasizes, “Thanks to advances in video technology, I am able to share the story of these remarkable Italians who, despite persecution and oppression, have maintained their Jewish traditions in secret. These virtual presentations are a cost-effective way to share their story with the world.”

Whether in person, or as the virtual rabbi, audiences delight in Rabbi Barbara’s down-to-earth lectures and workshops where she incorporates photos, artifacts and family memorabilia to bring to life compelling stories, topics and current events.

“The main comment from our people after your film shown and we Skyped you in from Italy to answer questions, was how joyous you were despite your difficulties. You are such an inspiration and a real example of what it means to be a genuine and truly holy Jew.” ~Rabbi Frank Tamburello–The center for applied judaism NYC

“Our thanks to YOU, Rabbi Barbara. You are an inspiration and everyone left in a heightened state of awareness and connectedness. We all loved the afternoon and loved the time you spent with us – in the movie and in person. We will definitely talk more about absolutely meeting you in Calabria.” ~Nancy O President, Congregation B’nai Israel Butte, Montana