The Kabbalistic Meaning of the Chanukah Candles

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Chanukah

The Lights of Chanukah
The Kabbalistic Meaning of Each Candle

First Candle – Freedom
We remember the dedication and courage of the Maccabees. We give thanks for freedom and rededicate ourselves to the ideals of justice

Second Candle – Knowledge
We give thanks for the gift of Torah and the opportunity to study. We rededicate ourselves to a deeper understanding of our heritage

Third Candle – Good Deeds
We remember our heritage that calls upon us to recall that we were once strangers in the land of Egypt. We rededicate ourselves to helping the poor and the neglected.

Fourth Candle – Community
We remember that we are a part of a larger family of humankind and we rededicate ourselves to uphold the dignity of all people.

Fifth Candle – Land
We take pride in the accomplishments of the pioneers and builders of the state of Israel and we rededicate ourselves to support their efforts to create a garden in the desert.

Sixth Candle – Hope
We call to mind the yearnings of our brothers and sisters who still live under oppression. We rededicate ourselves to keep the flame of their aspirations alive.

Seventh Candle – Family
We give thanks for the precious gift of loved ones who share our joys and sorrows. We gather to rededicate ourselves to strengthening the bonds that draw us to one another.

Eighth Candle – Peace
We are mindful that, like Jews in every age, we live in a troubled world that cries out for harmony. We rededicate ourselves to the responsibility of securing shalom for all.