Proudly Celebrating 15 Years On The Air

radio rabbi

Thanks to an interview broadcast on a Florida radio station, 16 years ago, where she was asked about Jewish ritual and culture around the world, Rabbi Barbara Aiello was invited to host her own program –and The Radio Rabbi was born.

Broadcast every Sunday morning on Salem Communication’s AM 930 The Answer, FM bands 103.1 and 93.7 and live streamed and pod cast worldwide,  The Radio Rabbi program boasts a 15 year record of service to the local, national and international community.

Join other listeners that are cultural and secular Jews who are only marginally connected to their local Jewish communities. For them the program has become their Jewish “home.” Listeners also include Christians who strongly support Israel, interfaith families who appreciate the pluralistic, reconstructionist approach of the program – even grandparents who are looking for ideas to share Jewish traditions with their interfaith grandchildren. We are also joined by listeners worldwide who live in communities where there is no Jewish presence.

What better way to spend your Sunday morning from 8:30am – 9:30am EST, where along with you coffee you’ll hear traditional Jewish melodies as well as modern Jewish music, meet interesting guests, and learn more about Jewish culture and traditions from around the world.

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September 24th Show

Farewell Broadcast

& Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, “Why I Am a Jew”


“I listen to your program every Sunday morning and I plan my schedule in order to listen. Your programs are so enjoyable and informative and I am amazed at how talented you are!” ~Sami H from Sarasota Florida


“My name is Marian from the Ukraine . I love music. I think that music is the one of most important things in our life. One day I’ve heard your radio station, you have a great variety of fine songs and useful programs. Needless to say, that I continue to listening your radio station through the internet. With sincerity I want to say that you are one of the best!” ~Marian from Ukraine

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