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Radio rabbi shows features Rabbi Barbara Aiello, the Radio Rabbi, and puppet character and regular guest on the program, interfaith teen, “Consuelo Cohen.”

In 2002 Rabbi Barbara Aiello and Salem Communications launched The Radio Rabbi program broadcast from Sarasota, FL on what is now AM 930 The Answer.  Today the internationally acclaimed program is heard live stream around the world, and archived programs are available as a podcast for downloading throughout the week. Broadcast on Sunday mornings at 8:30-9:30 am Eastern time, The Radio Rabbi shows feature timely topics, interesting guests and new and traditional Jewish music. A regular feature on the Radio Rabbi shows is the segment “Lashon Ima,” (“The Mother Tongue?) presented by Dr. Rachel Zohar-Dulin, an international expert on the Hebrew language.  Listeners enjoy Rabbi Barbara’s “People of the Book,” which features engaging authors and journalists, including Michael Medved, whose interview generated hundreds of responses from around the world.


9/17/2017 – September 17th Show

Shanah Tovah for a Sweet New Year
& Music, Psalms and Poems for 5778


9/10/2017 – September 10th Show

Selichot – Meditation for the New Year
& Special Announcement


9/3/2017 – September 3rd Show

Rosh HaShanah Part I
& Avinu Malkeinu and The Shofar


8/27/2017 – August 27th Show

High Holy Day Prep
& Kabbalists and the Eclipse


8/20/2017 – August 20th Show

Curious George’s Jewish Connection
& Fake News – a Jewish Wedding with No Jews


8/13/2017 – August 13th Show

Dr. Dulin On Temple Mount
& Elvis Presley’s Jewish Roots


8/6/2017 – August 6th Show

The Jewish Ice Cream Connection
& Israel’s Ladino Academy


7/30/2017 – July 30th Show

L’Chad Dodi Musical Mash-Up
& Tisha B’Av and the Venezuelan Jews


7/23/2017 – July 23rd Show

Seven Secrets of Successful Synagogues
& Torah Talk – Becoming Wise


7/16/2017 – July 16th Show

Canada’s National Anthem in Yiddish
& France’s Muslim March Against Terrorism
& Living Jewish Ethics


7/9/2017 – July 9th Show

Paddington Bear’s Jewish Roots
& Interview – “VeryGoodNewsIsrael” Founder, Michael Ordman


7/2/2017 – July 2nd Show

Don Quixote – a Jewish Tale?
& Reconstructionist Judaism

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