Mitzvot of Purim

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mitzvot of purim

The Mitzvot of Purim 1) Listen to the Megillah To relive the miraculous events of Purim, listen to the reading of the megillah (the Scroll of Esther) This can be done on Wednesday night, March 20, or on Purim day, March 21.  Modern Liberal Judaism requires that the listener understand what is read so the… Read more »

Chanukah Spelling

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OK, So How Do You Spell the Jewish Festival of Lights?   Chanukah is an unusual Jewish holiday because it is the only one of our Jewish festivals that does not appear anywhere in the Jewish Bible and of all the holidays we Jews celebrate, Chanukah, with its eight days of festivity is the longest… Read more »

Chanukah Some New Thoughts on an Old Story

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“I know what Chanukah is,” said my daughter’s seven year old friend. “It’s Jewish Christmas!”   That was almost 30 years ago when my daughter,  also seven, knew that Chanukah and Christmas were two different things but nonetheless she enlisted my aid.  “Mama, help me explain Chanukah to Angela!” So that’s just what we did. Because… Read more »

The Real Chanukah

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The Real Chanukah

Will the Real Chanukah Please Stand Up! Several years ago Hadassah Magazine ran a story about retired Army Captain, Mike Neulander.  He was stationed in the Persian Gulf during the war there and, as a Jew he resisted the Army’s suggestion that, to protect him from torture should he be captured,  his ID tags be… Read more »

Celebrate Passover End With Mimouna

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“Mimouna” Concluding Passover With A Sephardi Festival  Mimouna, (pronounced “mee-moh-oo-na” ) is the name given to the little known seder that celebrates the end of the eight days of the Passover festival  According to journalist Ophir Toubul (Cafe Gibraltar), “The name of the holiday, “Mimouna,” has several different, fascinating meanings. The most famous of them… Read more »

Secret Passover Tradition – The Seder Hamishi

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Secret Passover Tradition

Some historians believe that the Russian painter, Moshe Maimon’s most famous work, “Marranos: Secret Seder,” actually tells the story of the Seder Hamishi, a secret passover tradition, a special Passover seder, held, not on the first or second night of Passover, but, as its name suggests, on the fifth night of the holiday. Legend has… Read more »

Passover Seder Invitation

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passover seder

(Inglese/Italiano) You Are Invited To a SPECIAL PASSOVER SEDER JOIN RABBI BARBARA AIELLO FOR “SEDER HAMISHI” Saturday April 27, 2019 in Lamezia Terme, (Calabria) ITALY Sei invitato ad uno SPECIALE SEDER DI PESACH (Pranzo) ISCRIVITI AL RAV BARBARA AIELLO PER “SEDER HAMISHI” Sabato 27 aprile 2019 a Lamezia Terme, (Calabria) ITALIA Continuing the tradition of… Read more »

Sephardic Passover Traditions

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Sephardic Traditions at the Passover Seder Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews – What’s the Difference? There is a division within the Jewish community that began thousands of years ago and continues to this day.  It is not a division between religious denominations such as Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Reconstructionist.   The division is earlier and more pervasive… Read more »

Seder Plate

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seder plate

New Passover Traditions Arrise As We Celebrate the Changing Role of Jewish Women: Beginning in the mid 1970’s when the first woman rabbi was ordained in the Reform movement, modern Jews have expanded the role that women play in Jewish culture, tradition and observance. Changes have taken place on the bima where most synagogues now welcome… Read more »

Seder Plate

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Let’s “Dish” About the Seder Plate! In ancient times our sages taught that in anticipation of the Passover holiday, we Jews should prepare a specially made, large wicker container in which to place Passover’s symbolic foods. This wicker container would then be displayed on the seder table. That’s right. The first seder plate wasn’t made… Read more »