Elderly Isolation

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elderly isolation

Elderly Isolation  It’s Bad for Mom But Worse for Dad “We’re so worried about Dad.”  That’s how Karen began her email to me.  “He’s so lonely and my brother and I don’t know what to do.”  Karen’s father, Sid, lived alone in the condo he once shared with his beloved Jennie, who passed away nine… Read more »

Aging Jewishly

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The Talmud’s Take on Aging Parents Aging Jewishly – What Our Traditions Teach Us about Growing Old When I was about ten years old I knew enough Italian from my immigrant parents to understand the particulars of a heated argument.  That day my father, who was about 50 years old at the time, was having… Read more »

Eldery Jews and Psychotherapy

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“I’m Getting Help” Eldery Jews and Psychotherapy   “Hilda, you look fabulous,” Gemma remarked as Hilda, her oldest friend, made her way to the table in their favorite restaurant. “No kidding!” Polly agreed as she noticed the positive change in Hilda as well.  What accounted for Hilda’s transformation, that’s what her friends wanted to know… Read more »

Jewish Ritual Rescue

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jewish ritual

Jewish Ritual Rescue   What Happens to Judaica When Our Kids Don’t Want It? Last year in a local Goodwill store I found a very old Kiddush cup. It sat on a shelf crowded with an assortment of pewter and silver goblets and was so tarnished that I nearly missed the inscriptions. Engraved on the… Read more »

Jewish Conversion Italy

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It was Mazel Tov all around as eight conversion candidates assembled in southern Italy for Darshan Yeshiva’s first European Bet Din, mikveh and conversion ceremony, it was Jewish Conversion Italy.  Organized by Rabbi Barbara Aiello and thanks to the participation of Rabbi Guy Hall (London), Rabbi Mitchell Cohen (USA) and Rabbinic intern, Michael Pollack (Reconstructionist… Read more »

Spiritual Bucket List

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spiritual bucket list

The Spiritual Bucket List Well I made it another New Year,” Saul said.  “But will we make it to the next one?” mused Ellie. Saul and Ellie sat at a table sipping coffee (decaf, of course!) thinking about the year that was and the year ahead. “Rosh HaShanah’s come and gone and there are still… Read more »

Lost Sicilian Jews

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Lost Sicilian Jews

A Story of Lost Sicilian Jews She arrived on Sunday morning, having received an announcement of our meeting several days before. At first she was not certain that the gathering would be appropriate for her, but curiosity overcame her fear and she found herself at the door of an apartment in Palermo, Sicily ready to… Read more »

Jewish Tattoos?

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jewish tattoos

Jews and Tattoos Not long ago I received a call from a grieving widow.  Her beloved husband of 71 years had passed away. “Jake wasn’t all that religious,” his wife Arlene explained, “but I do know that he wanted a Jewish funeral in a Jewish cemetery. I was making arrangements when my brother-in-law phoned to… Read more »


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Thanks to the “TorahNator”  Seniors Access Shabbat Services   “I’m calling it the TorahNator,” said a smiling Dr. Sanford Stone.  “The minute I saw it I knew it was something special.” And special it is. For many years I have had the honor and privilege to serve seniors. Over the years I have created adaptive measures… Read more »

Traveling Torahs

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traveling torahs

An Update on Italy’s Traveling Torahs Torah on a Train… Torah on a Plane… Torah on  a Boat… Torah in a Tote Since 2004 when I arrived here in Italy my life has been a collection of “firsts.”  First modern pluralistic rabbi in Italy, first woman rabbi in Italy, officiating at the first ever Bat… Read more »