What Makes Jews So Smart?

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And the Answer Is… The Bar and Bat Mitzvah!   “I’m pooped!” Natalie collapsed into her easy chair and fanned herself with her ever-present apron as she recounted her latest trip “up north.”  “My son, he’s an editor and my daughter, she’s a photographer with some of her pictures in National Geographic, and their children, what can… Read more »

Elvis Presley Was Jewish

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elvis presley was jewish

He passed away 40 years ago on August 16, 1977. On the Hebrew calendar the date was the second day in the Hebrew month of Elul, 5737.  Why a “yahrzeit” for Elvis? As unusual as it may seem, a little known fact about Elvis Presley is that, by the Jewish law of matrilineal descent, Elvis… Read more »

Secret Passover Tradition – The Seder Hamishi

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Secret Passover Tradition

Some historians believe that the Russian painter, Moshe Maimon’s most famous work, “Marranos: Secret Seder,” actually tells the story of the Seder Hamishi, a secret passover tradition, a special Passover seder, held, not on the first or second night of Passover, but, as its name suggests, on the fifth night of the holiday. Legend has… Read more »

Betty Boop Jewish Roots

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Betty Boop

Today when grandparents share a video moment with grandchildren, it’s likely that the image on the screen is the highly popular “SpongeBob SquarePants.” The show chronicles the adventures of SpongeBob and his friends in the fantasy underwater city and is the highest rated series ever to air on Nickelodeon. But almost 90 years ago another… Read more »

Passover Seder Invitation

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passover seder

(Inglese/Italiano) You Are Invited To a SPECIAL PASSOVER SEDER JOIN RABBI BARBARA AIELLO FOR “SEDER HAMISHI” Saturday April 27, 2019 in Lamezia Terme, (Calabria) ITALY Sei invitato ad uno SPECIALE SEDER DI PESACH (Pranzo) ISCRIVITI AL RAV BARBARA AIELLO PER “SEDER HAMISHI” Sabato 27 aprile 2019 a Lamezia Terme, (Calabria) ITALIA Continuing the tradition of… Read more »

Seder Plate

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seder plate

New Passover Traditions Arrise As We Celebrate the Changing Role of Jewish Women: Beginning in the mid 1970’s when the first woman rabbi was ordained in the Reform movement, modern Jews have expanded the role that women play in Jewish culture, tradition and observance. Changes have taken place on the bima where most synagogues now welcome… Read more »

Seder Plate

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Let’s “Dish” About the Seder Plate! In ancient times our sages taught that in anticipation of the Passover holiday, we Jews should prepare a specially made, large wicker container in which to place Passover’s symbolic foods. This wicker container would then be displayed on the seder table. That’s right. The first seder plate wasn’t made… Read more »

Sephardic Passover Traditions

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Sephardic Traditions at the Passover Seder Sephardi and Ashkenazi Jews – What’s the Difference? There is a division within the Jewish community that began thousands of years ago and continues to this day.  It is not a division between religious denominations such as Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or Reconstructionist.   The division is earlier and more pervasive… Read more »

Celebrate Passover End With Mimouna

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“Mimouna” Concluding Passover With A Sephardi Festival  Mimouna, (pronounced “mee-moh-oo-na” ) is the name given to the little known seder that celebrates the end of the eight days of the Passover festival  According to journalist Ophir Toubul (Cafe Gibraltar), “The name of the holiday, “Mimouna,” has several different, fascinating meanings. The most famous of them… Read more »

Simchat Torah

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Simchat Torah

Simchat Torah – Facts About the Scroll   Simchat Torah is the festival that celebrates, our two-spindled scroll that offers the world a plan for living an ethical life. In fact that’s why we have two spindles to secure the Torah. The spindles remind us that there are two ways to read the Torah. The… Read more »