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International Ladino Day Sunday, February 10, 2019 marks the sixth annual International Ladino Day. Around the world it’s a celebration in story and song that features the history and traditions of Sephardi Jews.  Rabbi Barbara serves Italy’s first Reconstructionist synagogue, Ner Tamid del Sud, that offers services in the Sephardi tradition. What is Ladino? The… Read more »

Spiritual Bucket List

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spiritual bucket list

The Spiritual Bucket List Well I made it another New Year,” Saul said.  “But will we make it to the next one?” mused Ellie. Saul and Ellie sat at a table sipping coffee (decaf, of course!) thinking about the year that was and the year ahead. “Rosh HaShanah’s come and gone and there are still… Read more »

Lost Sicilian Jews

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Lost Sicilian Jews

A Story of Lost Sicilian Jews She arrived on Sunday morning, having received an announcement of our meeting several days before. At first she was not certain that the gathering would be appropriate for her, but curiosity overcame her fear and she found herself at the door of an apartment in Palermo, Sicily ready to… Read more »

Ketubah History

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ketubah history

The History and Tradition of the Ketubah A “ketubah” (pronounced “kay-too-bah”) is the name given to the Jewish wedding document, in use for thousands of years. The word ketubah derives from the Hebrew verb “to write,” and its history dates back to the Book of Genesis where Abraham’s servant asked Rebecca if she would consent… Read more »

Jewish Tattoos?

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jewish tattoos

Jews and Tattoos Not long ago I received a call from a grieving widow.  Her beloved husband of 71 years had passed away. “Jake wasn’t all that religious,” his wife Arlene explained, “but I do know that he wanted a Jewish funeral in a Jewish cemetery. I was making arrangements when my brother-in-law phoned to… Read more »


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Thanks to the “TorahNator”  Seniors Access Shabbat Services   “I’m calling it the TorahNator,” said a smiling Dr. Sanford Stone.  “The minute I saw it I knew it was something special.” And special it is. For many years I have had the honor and privilege to serve seniors. Over the years I have created adaptive measures… Read more »

Interfaith Grandkids

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Interfaith Grandkids

Interfaith Grandkids and Crayola Crayons “Rabbi, I have to ask you something and it’s very personal,” said Ann as she wagged her finger in the typical “don’t tell,” motion.  At the time of her question Ann was a relative newcomer on the Aviva campus, (formerly the Kobernick Anchin Campus in Sarasota, Florida). She was  still… Read more »

Jews of the Emerald Isle

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jews of the emerald isle

Does Your Bubbe Come From Ireland? By Rabbi Barbara Aiello Characters:   Narrator – “Lepra-Cohen” Prophet Jerimiah Rebecca – Jane Forstenzer – the Jewish girl from Lisbon – Portuguese Jews – established Ireland’s First Synagogue in 1660 when there were only 350 Jews in all of Ireland Belfastman Chaim Herzog – Sixth President of Israel… Read more »

Interfaith Weddings Support Jewish Families

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Several years ago I received a telephone call from Jason, a young man who grew up in a large Midwestern city. Jason, along with his parents and grandparents, were active in their local synagogue. What prompted the phone call was Jason’s exuberance at having met Valentina, an Italian Catholic and as Jason said, “my b’shert!”… Read more »