Soul Searching for Rachela

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Rabbi Barbara welcomes guest blogger, Marcia Colagiovanni. Marcia and Rabbi met via the Italian Jewish Cultural Center of Calabria (IjCCC) when Rabbi helped Marcia discover the Jewish roots of her family’s Italian surnames. Marcia describes her remarkable Jewish journey which includes a deeply spiritual experience at the Hayim Mayim Mikveh in Boston, USA.​ You can… Read more »

Elderly Isolation

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elderly isolation

Elderly Isolation  It’s Bad for Mom But Worse for Dad “We’re so worried about Dad.”  That’s how Karen began her email to me.  “He’s so lonely and my brother and I don’t know what to do.”  Karen’s father, Sid, lived alone in the condo he once shared with his beloved Jennie, who passed away nine… Read more »

Aging Jewishly

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The Talmud’s Take on Aging Parents Aging Jewishly – What Our Traditions Teach Us about Growing Old When I was about ten years old I knew enough Italian from my immigrant parents to understand the particulars of a heated argument.  That day my father, who was about 50 years old at the time, was having… Read more »

Eldery Jews and Psychotherapy

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“I’m Getting Help” Eldery Jews and Psychotherapy   “Hilda, you look fabulous,” Gemma remarked as Hilda, her oldest friend, made her way to the table in their favorite restaurant. “No kidding!” Polly agreed as she noticed the positive change in Hilda as well.  What accounted for Hilda’s transformation, that’s what her friends wanted to know… Read more »

Jewish Ritual Rescue

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jewish ritual

Jewish Ritual Rescue   What Happens to Judaica When Our Kids Don’t Want It? Last year in a local Goodwill store I found a very old Kiddush cup. It sat on a shelf crowded with an assortment of pewter and silver goblets and was so tarnished that I nearly missed the inscriptions. Engraved on the… Read more »

Jewish Conversion Italy

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It was Mazel Tov all around as eight conversion candidates assembled in southern Italy for Darshan Yeshiva’s first European Bet Din, mikveh and conversion ceremony, it was Jewish Conversion Italy.  Organized by Rabbi Barbara Aiello and thanks to the participation of Rabbi Guy Hall (London), Rabbi Mitchell Cohen (USA) and Rabbinic intern, Michael Pollack (Reconstructionist… Read more »

Board Member Does Mitzvot

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Felicia Capozzoli –  Sinagoga Board Member and Advisor for Tikkun Olam and Youth Activities  put doing “Mitzvot” into action with a fund raising project in honor and memory of her beloved grandmother. We here at Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud in Calabria, Italy are very proud of her accomplishments.  Read about Felicia’s project in her own… Read more »

Jewish Interfaith Wedding Officiants

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Jewish Interfaith Wedding

“A Minister a Priest and a Rabbi” The How To’s of a Co-officiated Jewish Interfaith Wedding   Over a hearty espresso in a coffee bar in southern Italy, Reverend Jens Hansen and I put the finishing touches on the wedding ceremony that we would perform together.  Sarah, a Jewish young woman from the United States… Read more »