Jewish Treasure

by | Jul 14, 2016 | jewish and secular

Rabbi Barbara Finds a hidden Jewish Treasure in Rome

This coming September 10 Patrizia and Alberto will celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary. At least we hope so.

Rabbi Barbara Aiello never knew the wedding couple but she found their custom designed wedding Kiddush cup as part of a collectionJewish Treasure of Jewish treasure or artifacts on display and for sale in the Restaurant Nonna Betta in Trastevere, Rome’s Jewish Quarter.

“I have fond memories  of the Nonna Betta restaurant,” says Rabbi Barbara.  “Several years  ago I officiated for a B’nei Mitzvah celebration that was  held  in the restaurant’s “secret room,” that once had housed a hidden synagogue. Each time I work in Rome I stop by to say Ciao and Shalom!”

It was during Rabbi Barbara’s recent visit that she found the vintage Kiddush cup, made in red glass, tipped in gold and featuring , along with a Magen David and Menorah, the names of the bride and groom (Patrizia and Alberto) their wedding date (10-9-1978 – In Italy the day is written before the month)) and “L’chaim” and “Mazel  Tov” engraved in Hebrew.