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March 29th Show
When a couple chooses to mark this
special event in Italy,  they have
truly selected a Jewish experience!  
We Italian Jews represent the  very
first Jews in the Diaspora.

As you plan for your special day,
there are so many things to consider
and  many decisions to make.  And
one of the most important of all is
your ceremony.
Weddings & Blessings
Commitment Ceremonies
Renewal of Vows
Jewish  & Interfaith
Your teen can
become Bar/Bat
Mitzvah in Italy...
Bar and Bat Mitzvah
preparation can be
an inspiring and
enjoyable process
when the ceremony
itself is held in Italy.
Girls read directly from Torah
Wedding Coordinator
Kiddush under the "pergola"
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After 500 years
Jewish worship
returns to Calabria
Ner Tamid
del Sud
Rabbi Barbara Aiello, the
first woman rabbi in Italy,
begins her 11th year as
Italy's only modern, liberal
rabbi. She continues to serve
Jews throughout Europe as a
spokesperson for Pluralistic
Judaism - a movement that
deliberately blurs
denominational lines and
extends the hand of Jewish
welcome to Jews of all

Sep - Dec  2014

In September 2014 Rabbi
Barbara served
Congregation Sukkat Shalom
in Juneau, Alaska as visiting
Rabbi, officiating at High
Holy Day services, and
Sukkot and Simchat Torah
festivals . Her visit included
teaching in the after-school
program and lecturing on
The Lost Jews of Southern
Italy. After a return to Italy,
Rabbi Barbara returns to
Sarasota, Florida to serve the
Jewish seniors on the
Kobernick Campus.

Jan - Apr  2015

Rabbi Barbara returns to the
Kobernick campus as
resident rabbi for the Jewish
seniors living there. She will
live on campus, lead Torah
services, conduct lectures
and programs and serve
residents on an individual,
as needed basis. In addition,
Rabbi Barbara continues in
her advisory capacity at
Bradenton's Congregation
Ner Tamid, promoting the
pluralistic Jewish

May - Aug  2015

Rabbi Barbara returns to
Bella Italia to serve
Congregation Ner Tamid del
Sud and to welcome Bar and
Bat Mitzvah families from
around the world. She
continues her work with
Jewish interfaith couples as
officiant and co-officiant in
their special personalized
wedding ceremonies.
Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Italy's First Woman Rabbi
La Nuova
Sinagoga in
Renovated 20 May 2013
Passover Special
The Secret Tradition of the Fifth Night Seder
Dr. Dulin on "Wine"
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Rabbi Barbara's Blog
Personal Stories, Special Events, Photos, & More
Current research suggests that, yes,
many Italian Americans have Jewish
ancestry dating back to the time of
the Expulsion from Spain. Through
the Italian Jewish Cultural Center of
Calabria (IjCCC) and Calabria's first
active synagogue in over 500 years,
Sinagoga Ner Tamid del Sud, you can
find out the latest regarding Italians
who say, "I've always felt Jewish."
It is the determined visitor who climbs the winding mountain road
to the southern Italian village of Serrastretta to find Synagogue
Ner Tamid del Sud, The Eternal Light of the South, the first active
synagogue in Calabria in 500 years.
How the Jews named Italy
By Rabbi Barbara Aiello
When an American rabbi of Italian
descent returns to her ancestral village to
encourage locals to discover their Jewish
heritage, not everyone (Jews and
Christians) welcomes her...
"The Secret Jews of Calabria"